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​01 Literature survey

We started by researching the literature on wellbeing and happiness.

Each seminar presented the literature they were in charge of, and their understanding was gained through repeated question-and-answer sessions.

deepened. After a literature survey, when comparing well-being limited to the Asian region,

It was raised as a problem whether Japan is low or high.

Below are the literature and publications we have reviewed.


Tetsuya Tsurumi, Hidemichi Fujii, Shunsuke Managi co-authored "Happiness Measurement"

Chuo Keizai Co., Ltd. (2021)

2022-12-20 (3).png

Raphael A. Calvo, Dorian Peters, “The Design Theory of Wellbeing”

BNN New Company (2017)

2022-12-20 (4).png

Junji Watanabe, Dominique Chen, and others

“To create our well-being together”

BNN New Company (2020)

2022-12-20 (1).png

Yukiko Uchida

"About Future Happiness"

Shinyosha (2020)

2022-12-20 (5).png

​by Martin Seligman

"Challenges of Positive Psychology"

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (2014)

2022-12-20 (8).png

​ Only slides of previous research of seminar research report meeting

​Click here if you want to see it!

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