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A multi-cultural fair ​ was held!

​Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in 2020, I have fewer opportunities to attend university.

TherebyI realized that it was difficult to connect first-year students and upper-class students. Therefore, from the desire of the seminar students to do something useful for the first graders,"Go for it! First-year support project"We held the 2nd Multi-Cultural Fair!

What is the Multicultural Fair?

Think about multicultural coexistence with participants

This is an annual event of Seki Seminar.

​This year was held online.

DAY1 (January 15th)

As guest panelists, we invited Asuka Ose (Sophia University, Faculty of Global Studies, 4th year) and Ikuya Nagashima (Waseda University, Faculty of Letters, 3rd year).

​We recruited panelists for first-year students of Tokyo Keizai University, and Moeka Kunihara (Tokyo Keizai University Communication Faculty, 1st year) who was selected from among the applicants also participated. Thank you.

In addition, President Okamoto of Tokyo Keizai University attended. Thank you very much for your time.


DAY2 (January 22nd)

All seminar students became panelists and looked back on the activities of 2020. We discussed what multicultural coexistence means based on what we experienced during our one-year activities. In addition, seminar students shared their thoughts and experiences on how they have faced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which was unfamiliar at first.

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