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Voices of Seki seminar graduates (2008-2020)

Miu Enomoto (graduated in 2022, seminar leader in 2021)

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration

◆Message to current seminar students

The Seki seminar is different from other seminars in some ways. it's free

I think it's a seminar where you can freely do what you want to do and what you want to challenge. There are many opportunities in the Seki Seminar to shape things that no one has ever done before. However, accidents do happen in our activities. In my experience, it is the epidemic of the new coronavirus. An accident that no one expected happened, but I accepted the reality that I couldn't go to overseas training and did my best. I think that I was able to acquire a flexible way of thinking to deal with accidents through my activities.

It is important to keep thinking and to squeeze out ideas instead of giving up immediately. Your ideas are the key to achieving your goals. Also, my advice is to cherish the "waste". "Useless" thoughts can also be hints that lead to answers.


Ladies and gentlemen, aren't you being swayed by Seki-sensei's unreasonableness? I was tossed by Mr. Seki so much that I couldn't even move! What you said yesterday and today is different, or the lesson content suddenly changes... At that time, I wondered if such an unreasonable teacher existed.

When I think about it now, I think that Mr. Seki was a student who wore the mask of a teacher. The distance with students is close, and he always gets into the circle of students and works together. And above all, Seki sensei enjoys the activities of the Seki seminar the most. No matter how chaotic the situation becomes, everyone, please do not lose to Mr. Seki and enjoy the Seki Seminar.

We wholeheartedly support your activities.

Toue Tatasan (2021 graduate, 2020 seminar leader)

Department of Distribution Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration

Current job: Fast Retailing

◆Message to current seminar students


Atsushi Taniguchi (Graduated in 2019)

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration

Current job: Logistics industry


◆Message to current seminar students

It means "everyone but yourself is outside". That's why it's important to have a heart that respects anyone. e? ? What do you mean? I thought, the juniors of the seki seminar there! Check for yourself if you are correct. (smile)

If I can say one thing, it is important to always think. Seki Seminar has a wall that stands in its way. At that time, I don't want you to choose to give up easily. The road must be open. Take a step forward without stopping. Damn it, it'll work out. Then what should I do. It's all about turning your head and thinking. If you really think to the limit and get stuck, Seki-sensei will gently support you. If you're going to do it anyway, let's do it until you can shake it off! “There is value in earnest failure.” This is a phrase I cherish. Why don't you try it seriously?

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me through Mr. Seki. There is a senior who will help you if you are in trouble. This is the goodness of Seki Seminar. I also borrowed the help of many seniors. I would appreciate it if you could help me with my power. But don't forget that other seniors don't have time like students do. Always be considerate when interacting with them. It is a promise? (laughs) Thank you very much.


Judy Ayumu Yoshino (2018 graduate, 2018 seminar leader)

Department of International Economics, Faculty of Economics

Current job: Recruitment agency, housekeeping service

Yuki Kato (2018 graduate, 2017 seminar leader)

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration

Current position: General electronics trading company, corporate sales position

◆ Learning at seminars that are useful in society

It's about being flexible. No matter what the situation is, I will adapt to the situation in the same way and adapt to it. Also the need to be yourself. There is no such thing as a copy of yourself, and you are somewhat different from the people around you. How much you accept that is the key to getting along with a lot of people, but at the same time it is also necessary to bring out your unique characteristics. Even in my current job, I use it when I market myself to the company and to our clients. (Yoshino Judy Ayumi)

I learned the importance of experience and interaction. I still don't understand that it's hard or easy, hard or easy, or that you can understand it from what people say even if you don't experience it. People can only talk about what they have experienced, so I gained a lot of experience by working on many activities with my seminar students. After becoming a member of society, I still try to think about what I want to do on my own in the course of my work. So, while getting advice from experienced people around me, I'm running in the direction I'm aiming for. (Yuki Kato)

◆Message to current seminar students

Seki Seminar is not mainly about learning English. You can play an active role as a Seki Seminar student only after learning English. How to build good relationships with people, learning about each person's individual culture and values and accepting them, not only through overseas training but also working together with colleagues. you can learn inside What you experience and learn through the Seki Seminar will be useful in your future life, and it is an indispensable skill when interacting with people. Please make it your own. While having fun until the end, discover new things by experiencing various scenery, cultures, and environments. In the end, you can meet lifelong friends beyond the university and across borders. I will not regret working in the Seki Seminar. (Yoshino Judy Ayumi)

The state of being unable to fail or having no challenges is the state that is your challenge. Maximize your potential and enjoy diving into the unknown. And get advice from many people, become friends, and grow. Ayumu tells us how to relate to others above. Come and have the best Seki seminar life. I always cheer for you! (Yuki Kato)

Mayuka Anada (2017 graduate, 2016 seminar leader)

Faculty of Modern Law

Current position: SE, clerical work

◆ Learning at seminars that are useful in society

I think that what Seki-sensei taught me about being able to cope with culture shock (ask your teacher for details!) is useful in my life in today's society!

◆Message to current seminar students

I believe that the days spent at the Seki seminar are things that you cannot experience at any other seminar. It may be fun at times and hard at times, but I believe that the year I learned at the Seki Seminar will be useful in a variety of situations for many years to come. Have a fulfilling and good student life!

Yuto Ishii (Graduated in 2017)

Department of International Economics, Faculty of Economics

Current position: Secom Co., Ltd.

◆Message to current seminar students

For me, the seminar friends who got through that turbulent year together are treasures.

The 2015 Seki Seminar was a special year in that in addition to conventional student exchanges in Asia, the Mero Sathi Project, which was suddenly launched, was held in parallel. was in a non-existent state. However, at that time, we didn't think, "See you next week's seminar class." We exchanged opinions and were no longer like family. Now that I have become a member of society, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of university friends is my seminar friends, and the members I often gather with are also my seminar friends. By all means, everyone should head towards the same goal and share the hard times and the happy times together. And if you have any troubles or consultations, please always rely on us alumni. I'm rooting for you. ​

Yuichi Murakami (Graduated in 2015)

Faculty of Economics

Occupation: General steel trading company sales department

Yuko Nakano (Graduated in 2015)

Faculty of Business Administration

Current position: Contract Department, Ship Insurance Company


◆ Learning at seminars that are useful in society

Ability to come up with a single answer as a team when opinions differ

◆Message to current seminar students

What I learned at the Seki Seminar is all about being useful as a member of society. Take care of your daily activities! The people you met during the training will also be remembered for the rest of their lives during their time at the Seki Seminar!

Kazuki Aoshima (2015 graduate, 2013/2014 1st semester seminar leader)

Department of Distribution Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration

Current position: Uniqlo Co., Ltd.


◆ Learning at seminars that are useful in society

A PDCA cycle that always looks forward and acts, sees the results and moves on to the next action. An unwavering stance in the face of any situation.

◆Message to current seminar students

 I think college is the most fun, free, and challenging place in life. Unlike other seminars, the Seki seminar gives you the freedom to try many things. There really isn't an opportunity like this anywhere else. Make the most of this time. What I strongly feel after becoming a member of society is that walking in life means continuing to walk on "a rail with no answer" until you die. It's a free world where no one says anything. But it is both fun and painful. because there is no answer. When I was in college before becoming a member of society, I was given various problems, tasks, and situations under Mr. Seki, and I think it will be a really special time to come up with my own (team) answers and implement them. increase. During that time, I think that I will be able to self-analyze what kind of person I am and how I want to live with society, and that will be of great use in the future. I met Dr. Seki and changed my life. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't be who I am today. I strongly hope that this seminar will be a great opportunity for everyone to change their lives.

Minami Arai Maiden name: Morishita (graduated in 2012)

Faculty: Department of Distribution Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration


◆Message to current seminar students

Please fully enjoy this too precious time.

It was about 10 years ago that I belonged to the Seki seminar. At the time, I didn't think the experience I was having was "too precious". When you graduate and start working, I am sure you will think that the activities at the Seki Seminar were truly wonderful.

Daisuke Irisawa (graduated in 2009, seminar leader in 2008 and 2009)

Faculty of Economics

Current job: Company employee


◆ Learning at seminars that are useful in society

What I got from belonging to Seki Seminar is very big. I feel that I learned a great deal not only from my mentor, Professor Seki, but also from the seminar students. Even now, my judgment criteria are based on what I would have thought in the Seki seminar at that time.

◆Message to current seminar students

Nice to meet you, current Seki seminar students. Aren't you tired of being unreasonable from Seki-sensei? (laughs) I understand how you feel. However, hints are scattered in what can only be seen for the first time in absurdity. It is a hint that you can always make use of when you go out to society. Don't give up, eat up! If you want to become a "able person", being in the Seki Seminar is a big advantage! I can wholeheartedly affirm that. Good luck, young man! ! * Only Seki-sensei knows if it's really calculated and unreasonable (laughs)​


Keito Yamada (Graduated in 2013)

21st century liberal arts program

Occupation: A European company with employees of over 30 nationalities.

Lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Currently, the management of my workplace is declining due to Corona.

In an unstable and uncertain situation,

Feeling very uneasy about what will happen to me tomorrow, I live in a city blockade (lockdown) with 7 housemates from 6 nationalities.


◆ Learning at seminars that are useful in society

Through the Seki seminar and Mr. Seki, I have learned many things and have had many experiences, so I can't say it simply, but if I had to pick one, it would be "dive into it." I'm a very timid, timid, indecisive, and super heavy-footed person. However, my perspective and decision-making changed after I experienced “jumping in” with Seki-sensei and Seki-seminar. Unfortunately, at that time, I was already around 20 years old and my personality had already been formed, so my fundamental personality hasn't changed even now. Rather, I feel that the experience of the Seki seminar will support and support me after I "understand" my own personality. I hope you can "understand" yourself.) Even now, I am a person who worries about myself, who is overwhelmed and indecisive about what to do and what to do. However, when I remembered my school days, I became able to say, "Well, let's try it for now. If it doesn't work, I'll think about it later. If I don't try it, I won't know anything." .

I think this is because the decision to participate in the training in India and Nepal was the beginning of everything, and I learned from Mr. Seki's personality. As an example of how I learned from his personality, after my training in Nepal, whenever I met him on campus, at Kokubunji Station, or anywhere else, I felt as if I had met my comrades-in-arms again. Do you want to go drinking?" He often took me out drinking. We didn't let our excitement cool down, and we drank sake like water with that great impression as a side dish. I remembered the great impression I had at that time, and I was just immersed in the afterglow and drunkenly.

One day, suddenly (it always comes ``suddenly''), ``Yamada-kun, I've decided. I'm going to establish an organization. I'll do it, because I've made up my mind. University is unreliable (under the circumstances at the time), but I know that I can do it on my own. Did.

That organization is AAEE (Asia Association of Education and Exchange). At first I thought it was a joke, but I was really surprised that it was established so quickly. It was a shock to me that his power of expression, ability to connect to the next, and ability to take action were amazing.

The AAEE's first activity was the publication of the book "A Bridge of Smiles" With Gratitude from Nepal. The teacher keeps rushing. That is why I believe that today's AAEE has grown so much thanks to the constant efforts it has made in the 12 years since its establishment.

It's easy to choose not to do it, and it's easy to find excuses to not do it. I also think that humans are geniuses in finding excuses for not doing things. I feel it myself every day. smile

Life is just an experience. Life without experience is tasteless and uninteresting. If you don't do it, you're just throwing away the valuable experience that you should have gained by doing it. You only live once, this moment is only once, so for the time being, try it, go there, read it, say it, listen to it, and take action. What you see, what you get, what you feel, and what you think from that action is also an experience. If you have time to eat and hate it, try it for the time being. It's an experience to eat and think it's delicious, and it's an experience to think it's bad. And if there are people who think it's delicious, there are people who think it's bad. I wondered how it was made and what kind of ingredients were used. Anyway, I think that the attitude of "moving" and "diving" was cultivated from the experience of the Seki seminar and Mr. Seki. It is very useful for me living in today's society.

[To current seminar students]

I am extremely lucky just to be able to spend my university life at Tokyo Keizai University, and even within that extremely lucky state of being a member of the Seki Seminar, I hope you consider yourself to be super lucky. It's not an exaggeration. smile

Thanks to Tokyo University of Economics and Professor Seki, my life changed. Humans have changed. The world has changed. I have myself now. It sounds like a sales pitch for a super dubious slimming drug, and it smells shady, but it's true. It's true.

It may be silly to say this at the Seki Seminar, but it's not just about going abroad and having an overseas orientation that's great. Of course, jumping into a completely unknown world and learning with your whole body is a wonderful experience that cannot be replaced with anything. Lectures on the desk, textbooks, and information are important, but the experience of seeing, hearing, and feeling for yourself is incomparable to that. "Acting" while "understanding". Let's "understand" while "acting".

However, even if you don't go abroad, even if you are in the society you are familiar with, "others" are "others", and you should at least feel differences and have doubts. It is really important to understand and respect multiple cultures while looking overseas. and knowledge and vision, perspective, perspective. However, it does not only exist overseas, but it also exists in our immediate surroundings.

I apologize for the long absence, but I remember what a certain teacher (an English teacher) who helped me said at a drinking party one day (sorry for talking about drinking parties lol). When I'm abroad, Japanese people and XX people, Japan and foreign countries, are completely different things, as if they were cut with a kitchen knife. No matter where a deaf person is, when he or she introduces himself/herself, the next step is to state one's hometown (country). You're going to eat ○○ (specialty product), right?", naturally, while applying stereotypes to the person's personality, we separate ourselves and "others".

It may be irrelevant. I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that the elderly were farther away from overseas than they are now, and even other prefectures were far away, but they call their hometown "Kuni". , where is your hometown?" However, strangely enough, the Japanese people I meet overseas, regardless of where they come from in Japan, have a strong sense of camaraderie among Japanese people, and the Japan Group is formed. .

I would like you to have a broader perspective from the perspective of “myself” and “the world around me,” rather than separating overseas and Japan (the world that I am familiar with). I am not denying overseas orientation or overseas. Because I think there will be a lot of notices and learning. In fact, I myself have a strong overseas orientation, and I like overseas.

Don't forget your curiosity, sensitivity, and challenge in everything you do. I want you to dive right in, do what you can, become a sponge and soak things up, and then find your own answers.

Through my life as a student at Tokyo Keizai University, including Professor Seki, I have come into contact with various values and my world has expanded. There is no such thing as what is right and what is wrong. I want you to honestly accept what you think and feel, to express it without hesitation, to go wild, to be embarrassed, and to regret a lot. Seki-sensei is always life-size and unadorned, and is super obedient and pure like a child.

"Weird" is often used in a negative sense, but for me it's the best compliment. That's because the interpretation of ``he's weird'' is ``he's not just an ordinary, ordinary person, but someone who has a special charm.'' Rather than saying, "Because everyone is doing it," or "Because it was said on TV," I want you to digest that kind of information and find your own answers.

Last but not least, sorry for the cliche phrase. You only have one time in your life as a student, so study hard, play hard, and absorb as much as you can without wasting anything. In the end, I realized later that what I thought was a waste of time was not a waste, but a good experience. smile

  *The reason why I use "super" a lot in the text is to pay tribute to the teacher who loves "super".

Keisuke Nemoto (Graduated in 2008)

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration

Current position: Asahi Pretec Co., Ltd. (Sales)


◆Message to current seminar students

After all, I think the charm of the Seki seminar is Mr. Seki. Seki-sensei's bright personality, slightly eccentric feeling, and that homely atmosphere of the laboratory. I was blessed with the members at the time, and it was a very cozy seminar. I skipped other classes many times, but I never felt bad about participating in the Seki seminar. Looking back on my university life, Seki-sensei was the least teacher-like teacher in a good way.

 Looking back on it now, the four years of my university life were a very precious time when I was able to take on any challenge. Now that I have become a member of society, got married, and have a family, I don't think it's easy to create such a free and full of possibilities. By all means, I would like everyone to challenge various things under Mr. Seki so that they do not regret like I did.

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