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​2022 International Search

The theme of this year's Seki Seminar is wellbeing. At a lecture on SDGs held by the Seki Seminar last year, the lecturer said, "After SDGs, the concept of well-being will probably attract attention." If you look up wellbeing in the dictionary, it comes up with the state of being healthy and happy. However, it was difficult to understand when I looked into it in detail, so I started a literature survey and developed into an international survey. At this year's seminar research report meeting, I made a presentation on this international research. The slides used in the seminar research report meeting are also posted on each item below, so please take a look at them.


​ Literature survey

went to the first semester

​Introduction to previous research


​Survey results

​number of answers


​ hypothesis

based on the problem

​ hypothesis



​Discussion on the results


​Survey content

​ Introduction of survey targets and survey methods


​ Conclusion

​Conclusion and reflection

​ Abbreviated version of the seminar report meeting that announced this international survey

​ If you want to see all the slides, click the image!

2022-12-20 (6).png
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